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With Avantar’s advanced, hyper-local algorithms you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with local customers who are ready to buy.

Imagine this scenario: A man walks down the street and, realizing he needs something, grabs his phone. With just a quick search, our proprietary Geo-Local Relevancy Engine™ discovers just what he needs and delivers your business, just up the road. With his smart phone in one hand and wallet in the other, he strolls into your store.

This man could be your next customer.

Avantar allows you to know what your customers want and when they want it. As the first company to use geo-location, and with the prestige of our proprietary Geo-Local Relevancy Engine™, we are the experts who will deliver your ad to our user when they're most interested.

We can make your ads achieve optimal relevancy so you can experience more traffic, sales, clicks and calls with our mobile listings.

Get to know your customers' intent as they browse our directory listings and category searches. Avantar will serve your ad only to the consumers who want your product. Instantly, the ad becomes aid — and your click rates will soar.

Utilize the most advanced geo-location search platform on mobile.

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